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We all know that we should clean our coffee machines from time to time but cleaning is such a drag, right? Well, the good news is that these descaling/cleaning tablets make it super easy. Just let them dissolve in your machine’s water tank before turning it on and running it as you normally would. The solution will then clean away any coffee remanants but descale and disinfect your machine too.

These cleaning/descaling tablets are odorless and can be used with any fully automatic coffee machine. Each descaling tablet is 16g and comes wrapped in foil so that your hands don’t come into contact with the active ingredient. This also ensures that each tablet is perfectly protected from environmental factors such as humidity. Our coffee cleaning tablets come in specially-designed packaging.

Cleaning your coffee machine regularly not only helps ensure that it will continue functioning properly, but also helps prevent the build-up of limescale, remove any coffee remanants and also improve the taste of your coffee.

You can extend your coffee maker’s lifespan by running a descaling cycle once a month and cleaning cycle (after approx. 40-50 cups of coffee) or twice a month.

The shelf life of the product is 18 months. Please be aware that using the product beyond the 18-months shelf life would not lead to any danger for consumers or machines. Only the overall performance and the appearance of the product could decrease with time.

We provide general instructions on the side of the packaging but please bear in mind that these are based solely on our personal experience. You should always consult the operating instructions of your specific coffee machine for details on how to best clean it. Do not use these tablets with galvanized or enameled devices.

This Is Why

You should use our Cleaning/Descaling tablets

High Quality German products

Descaling & disinfect the Coffee Machine

Compatible with loads of different brands and devices

The tablets dissolve very quickly in warm water

Affordable prices

On time shipping

Easy Retune, No Question Ask
Absolutely Improves the taste of your Coffee

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